June 18, 2019
Coming Retreats

"Basking in His Presence" Prayer Retreats
A time of learning to let go . . .

The purpose of the "Basking in His Presence" Retreat is for us to place ourselves in a situation in which our time is free for God and we can focus all of our attention on Him.

We simply come to Him with empty hands and receptive hearts, desiring to fulfill, in our small way, the first commandment by giving Him our time and attention.

These retreats are a time to discover how to "let go," in order to simply "be" in the presence of God. We were created for intimate friendship with God, and God longs for us to give Him the opportunity to speak His deep peace and love into our souls.

Would you like to spend an evening and a day "away from it all" and revitalize your love relationship with God? If your answer is "Yes," then plan to attend a "Basking in His Presence" Retreat.

Quiet Retreats -- "Basking in His Presence" Prayer Retreats -- are scheduled wherever and whenever we are invited. Usually lasting just under a day (Friday evening to mid-afternoon Saturday) they are a gentle introduction (or refresher to practitioners) to Contemplative -- or Centering -- prayer. Included in the Retreat is a "taste," also, of Lectio Divina: a way of listening to Scripture with the heart as well as the ears.

The Retreat is a time to "be with the Lord," a time for each retreatant to experience resting in God and in His love in silence. Specific instruction is given by the two presenters on Centering prayer and on Lectio Divina. In keeping with that which we have shared through Union Life magazine over the years, the schedule for these Retreats includes some teaching, some times of silent contemplative "sitting," some times of listening to Scripture, and some times of sharing. It is for all -- beginners as well as people for whom Centering prayer is a part of their daily life.

Please write or email us for a copy of our "Basking in His Presence" Prayer Retreat schedule, or any questions you may have about these Retreats.

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St. Barnabas' Episcopal Church
22W415 Butterfield Road
Glen Ellyn, Illinois, 60137


Sunday, July 14, 2019 -- 7:00PM
A Julian Meeting will convene monthly, on the SECOND Sunday of the month at St. Barnabas' Episcopal Church, on Butterfield Road in Glen Ellyn.
A Julian Meeting is ecumenical, and lasts about an hour and a quarter. Each meeting consists of a gathering and greeting time, a brief reading or meditation, followed by 20-30 minutes of sitting together in silent contemplative prayer. At the end of that time the convenor will serve refreshments, while the participants fellowship together briefly.

The Julian Meetings began in 1973 in the U.K. with a letter in British church papers which led to the formation that year of eleven groups. Since then they have spread throughout the U.K., and several other countries, including Canada and Australia.

No one method of contemplative prayer is advocated: participants are encouraged to explore different ways to find the one that is right for them; and also to decide on their own degree of commitment to a daily rhythm of prayer.

People from all faith traditions are welcomed.
Information on the Julian Meetings is available on the web site -- www.julianmeetings.org -- or from St. Barnabas’ Episcopal Church.
St. Barnabas' Episcopal Church is located on the south side of Butterfield Road, at 22W415 Butterfield Road, Glen Ellyn, just west of Rt. 53, telephone (630) 469-1394.

A Time of Prayer
In the spirit of Taizé

For more information on the Taizé community, visit www.taize.fr/en

Third Friday of the month
7:30 p.m.
St. Barnabas Episcopal Church
22W415 Butterfield Road
Glen Ellyn, Illinois 60137

The service is followed by light refreshments in the narthex. All are welcome.

For further information, call the church at 630 469-1394, or check the website: www.stbarnabas-episcopal.com

First Friday of the month
7:30 p.m.
Ascension Catholic Church
815 S East Ave
Oak Park, Illinois